Spry Update


  • Animation rotation can be now fixed with Shift-Z


  • General speed improvement across any area in Spry that references Start/End dates

Bug Fixes

  • Source Path Quantity above the line no longer breaks the Review Redundant Lines tool
  • Fixed memory leaks in Import Deswik Reserves Wizard
  • Fixed rare engine load bug in Haulage
  • Creating a Table Plot that has the same name as an existing Design folder no longer crashes
  • Various fixes to Centroid Calculator
  • Additional image types and fixes for Equipment images
  • Various fixes to Solid Simplification
  • Fixed case sensitivity issue with Schedule Grid layouts
  • Fixed issue where Data Pivot Tables may not update automatically
  • Fixed issue where Pivot Table Export options didn’t show grand totals in certain situations
  • Fixed Post Schedule Task expressions failing when not destination scheduling