Spry Update


  • Added ability to filter Failed/Successful combinations in Haulage Logic Sandbox mode
  • Added SplitLast and SplitCount Functions to Expressions
  • Improved Preview error messages with grade issues when using Networks
  • Added Import/Export menu items to Pivot Tables
  • Updated Boolean Field icon

User Interface

  • Renamed ‘Move Point on Loaded Shapes’ to ‘Move Points at Intersection’

Bug Fixes

  • Handle Gantt Chart printer errors gracefully
  • Fixed crash with Design selecting
  • Fixed Bulk Edit button hover text in Solid Colours
  • Fixed crash restoring layout after a Position has been renamed or deleted
  • Fixed crash caused by deleting Ranges from a Script
  • Table Structure can now be imported for a single Table
  • Force a full recalculation when importing a Spreadsheet
  • Fixed Constraints and Delays not importing properly