Spry Update


  • Added a 500ms delay between presses of S button to Hide/Show Solids
  • Added in All Settings a Recursive calculation option to improve performance in certain Spreadsheets
  • Added Custom Fields to Equipment Label Expressions
  • Added DaysInMonth Function to Expressions

User Interface

  • Destination Initial Percentage Filled Field now correctly disables when running a Scenario
  • Fixed Field drawing code to allow non-gradient field folders
  • Changed the way Path Arrays are expanded when hovered on
  • Added thousand separator to error counts

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed incorrect reporting of Inventory Constraints in the Snapshot Viewer
  • Fixed potential crash when renaming a Custom Field while a Pivot Table was open
  • Fixed potential crash in Offset Dependency panel
  • Fixed crash on Haulage Logic panel
  • Fixed preview of a Haulage Logic Step not showing in Sandbox mode
  • Popup windows no longer have ability to get hidden (which was preventing them from being closed)
  • Partially completed Destination Solids are now closed
  • Various minor bug fixes


  • Added ability to foreach on Worksheets and added the ability to Spreadsheet.Recalculate()