Spry Update


  • Added “Sandbox” mode to Haulage Logic
  • Added lighting options to Spry Settings (Design Settings)


  • When adding a Process the default behaviour is now to immediately start editing the name
  • Export Initial State now allows choice of which Field to export to
  • Stopped “Clear Filters” from occuring when Resetting a Pivot Table
  • Improved detail in Database Statistics
  • Improved error messages in the Minescape Unaccumulated Reserves wizard
  • Added ScenarioStartDate and ScenarioEndDate to Case/Scenario related Expressions


  • Animation can no longer update when a script is running

User Interface

  • Enabled drag and drop for Processes
  • Added Priority text to very low Priorities in Destination Paths
  • Improved error messages when simplifying Solids/Triangulations
  • Added “always on top” options for Haulage Shapes and Text in All Settings menu
  • Changed some labels for consistency

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug in Roof and Floor Polygon Wizard when deleting Horizons
  • Improved stability across several reporting features
  • Snapshot Viewer tab now shows date of snapshot at all times
  • Fixed rare crash with Scenario Delays
  • Fixed crash with incorrect custom proxy settings
  • Fixed behaviour of Ignore Dependencies where a Task may never have been released
  • Fixed possible empty Field Select in Advance Direction Insert
  • Fixed object reference error in Snapshot Viewer
  • Fixed an issue when moving a Polyline (Vector Intersection) Point
  • Fixed validation in the Schedule Weight Average Spreadsheet Formula form
  • Fixed visibility of certain elements in Scenario Settings menu
  • Mouse middle-click now has consistent behaviour (closes Tabs)
  • Fixed an issue with Bulk Editor copy paste and cell formatting
  • Fixed issue when Exporting a Scenario where Pivot Tables in folders were getting ignored
  • Fixed rare crash when editing Equipment Paths
  • Fixed some issues with Ranges in the Solid Simplifcation Wizard
  • Fixed duplicates in Initial State right-click menus
  • Fixed crash when deleting multiple Materials in Deswik Reserves wizard
  • Fixed Animation not updating after Schedule Run
  • Fixed potential crash when saving Nodes (after deleting/importing data)
  • Fixed Custom Solid bulk editor changes not sticking
  • Fixed naming of copied Post Schedule Tasks