Spry Update


  • Export Haul Profiles to Design Layer


  • Scenarios should now open slightly faster
  • Deswik Reserves Import now sorts attributes by group everywhere
  • New splash screen improvments to identify when to show Open License Adminsitrator button
  • ScheduleMin and ScheduleMax Expression Functions can now be called on Positions
  • Spreadsheets now update after running Rebuild Schedule Results from Custom Fields menu
  • Various minor scheduling speed improvements
  • Destination Path Bulk Editor improvements

User Interface

  • Scenario General tab split into General and Animation
  • Removed Allow Duplicates right click menu option from path editors

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected behaviour when manually editing a Point in a Polyline Intersection
  • Expressions now recompile in Fields Setup when Apply is hit
  • Destination Path right click menu popups (Order and In/NotInRange) now point at Destination Table
  • Navigate to Dependency from Snapshot Viewer now works as intended