Spry Update


  • Better Constraint detection in the Snapshot Viewer
  • Speed improvement in generating Simulation Speeds in Haul Profile Preview
  • Speed improvements where a Constraint would fall outside of Scheduled time
  • Improved sorting in Gantt Chart Settings
  • Added Run Condition expression to Post Schedule Tasks
  • Fixed crash caused by having multiple Equipment with the same name but in different folders
  • Added hard drive space check before Database Compaction
  • Various improvements to Restore Window Layout
  • Changed ESC key behaviour when editing shapes to complete the action instead of cancelling

User Interface

  • New Field icons
  • Enabled Expand/Collapse menu items in Design tree
  • Removed redundant Unsupported Utilities
  • Removed Name text edit from Equipment for consistency (still accessible from right-click menu)
  • Updated licensing information splash screen
  • Table Plot Font Colours are disabled when Outline mode selected to reduce confusion
  • Moved Simplify Triangulations in Design Data right-click menu
  • Renamed Backup Project to Project Backup


  • Haulage Logic Preview window no longer updates midway through a script

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed text not showing in the Highlight Network Connectivity tools
  • Fixed a bug where under certain conditions Simulation Speed visualisation could be offset
  • Fixed potential hang in Roof and Floor Polygon Wizard
  • Fixed issue selecting Shapes or Text in when a Solid is behind
  • Fixed potential crash when double clicking a Scenario after closing an undocked Scenario window
  • Fixed Pivot Table Post Schedule Task formatting
  • Node Path Preview now appears in Import Deswik Reserves wizard when Levels are automatically mapped
  • Fixed error messages for Post Schedule Tasks
  • Fixed Haulage Plane Intersection to prevent very small Vectors
  • Custom Colour sets now redraw if the content of a Range is changed and nothing else
  • Format String changes to Fields now update Data Pivot Tables
  • Fixed issues when pasting various Dependency Entries
  • Various fixes to Intelligent Path Completion and highlighting
  • Fixed crash that could occur in Animation with a faulty Equipment Label Expression
  • Fixed crash when restoring a layout