Spry Update


  • Added Rebuild Schedule Results to Custom Fields right-click menu


  • Add ability to disable Reporting Periods
  • Added bulk editor to Custom Colour Sets

User Interface

  • Improved Schedule Running labels to reflect Schedule Run state
  • Post Schedule Task Expression Editors now have Get() Function assistance
  • Renamed Cases to Import Cases in Scenarios right-click menu

Bug Fixes

  • Snapshot Viewer fix to prevent Null Reference errors
  • Fixed crash that could occur when enabling/disabling Post Schedule Tasks
  • Fixed null reference error popup in Constraints with particular conditions
  • Fixed bugs with Network Connectivity Highlighting
  • Improved Ctrl-F Find behaviour in various editors
  • Fixed Fields not getting recalculated immediately after importing Data with the Table closed
  • Fixed crash with Constraints when set up before Scenario Tables are set
  • Fixed crash in Range Dependency “Act as Constraint” and ReleaseActiveTaskAtEveryCalculation=false