Spry Update


  • Post Schedule Tasks (documentation here)
  • Custom Colour Sets for Source and Destination Solids (documentation here)
  • Added Polyline and Plane Intersection types to Haulage Logic (documentation here)
  • Export to Initial State from Output Schedule
  • Added IsNull and GetCoordinate Database Functions to Expressions
  • Added Deswik Reserves Import Wizard


  • Added Process Colour Level to Gantt Charts
  • Speed Improvments anywhere Picked Ranges are used
  • Added options to enable or disable Solid Tooltips and Equipment Labels
  • Improved error messages when unsuccessfully importing an Input Schedule
  • Bulk editing of disabled Equipment now available
  • Options added for switching off or adjusting frequency of License warnings in All Settings
  • Various speed improvements to Schedule run times
  • Added support for rotated Grids
  • Animation now pauses on window on panel change
  • Speed improvements when Destination Scheduling is set up but not enabled
  • Speed improvements to Triangulation Point Collapse simplification
  • Image and Video export cropping/padding improvements
  • Animation Filters now available from Snapshot Viewer

User Interface

  • The Close button on dockable windows (e.g Preview) disabled. Close from View Settings if required
  • Line, Polyline and Plane Intersections only show in Preview Window per Step instead of per Group
  • Various minor UI tweaks


  • GetConstraintOrThrow typo fix

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash when closing if a Spreadsheet object is on the clipboard
  • Fixed Source Path usages in Animation to only filter by Process
  • Fixed crash on cancellation of Haul Profile Simulation
  • Fixed Divide By 100 import setting for Percentage Type Fields
  • Fixed Animation Solids being reloaded when unnecessary