Spry Update


  • IgnoreDependencies and IgnoreConstraints text syntax added to Source and Destination Paths


  • Georeferenced Image mapping overhaul
  • It is now possible to cancel the importing of Triangulations and Grids midway
  • Various previously unallowed special characters in filenames are now allowed
  • Added Intelligent Path Completion to Range Dependencies
  • Add option to use the old Export Image method or use new padding method
  • Added ReportingPeriodIndexAtDate Spreadsheet function

User Interface

  • Added no circular references text info in Snapshot Viewer

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue when importing Triangulations with duplicate names
  • Fixed crash when deleting multiple Offset Dependency Entries
  • Fixed issue where Current Date in Animation was reverting to Start Date
  • Fixed an occasional crash caused by renaming a Reporting Period
  • Fixed crash caused by deleting Haulage Rules from a script while they are shown in the UI
  • Fixed crash when deleting multiple Offset Dependency Entries
  • Fixed bug in Solid Simplification where Advance Direction was wiped
  • Fixed bug where Calculated Fields were not automatically updateing after a script was run
  • Fixed highlighting on Data Import preview window
  • Better checks for valid format strings on Custom Fields and Fields
  • Fixed ScheduleMin and ScheduleMax Spreadsheet functions to allow DateTimes and TimeSpans