Spry Update


  • Added Ctrl-S to save Project
  • Added Source/Destination Centroids and Simulate Haulage to Schedule Steps results
  • Added SimulateHaulage to Expression compiler
  • Added User Setting to disable warnings if Project is on network or removable device
  • Added Export Schema Summary from Field right click


  • Improvements to Solid Simplification (Point Collapse) speed
  • Improved Table View scrolling performance
  • Added Allow Duplicates syntax to Equipment and Destination Paths
  • Improved speed of closing Range and Field Setup windows
  • Added better progress bar to Triangulation Simplification
  • Midway cancellation of Triangulation Simplification now provides partial simplification
  • Improved error reporting for Equipment Paths
  • Minor improvments to CSV Export
  • Improved performance of switching between Constraints
  • Added ability to bulk change Haulage Logic Rule Priority through right click menu


  • Changed Collinear Tolerance setting in Solid Simplification to use Angles
  • Added Expand/Collapse options to Design trees
  • Changed Network Layer ‘Enabled’ property to ‘Active’ for consistency
  • Table Grand Total button now disabled when tasks are running


  • Updates to Scripting File Sync
  • Added Clear capability to Spreadsheet API to reduce memory footprint

Bug Fixes

  • Multiple improvements to memory management
  • The Output Schedule (and other results) should no longer disappear when closing another Output Schedule
  • Fixed multiline text in Vulcan Archive reading and writing
  • Updated “Remove Leading Zeroes” behaviour from CSV import
  • Various Table Plot window crashes resolved
  • Fixed crashes caused by tiny Attach/Detach Logic angle
  • Fixed behaviour allowing for accidental closing of tabs
  • Fixed instances where Source Path was added twice from “Add to Source Path” Animation menu
  • Fixed sorting of Fields in Expression Editor
  • Script Node Processor no longer crashes when no scripts are present
  • Fixed crash in Haulage Logic
  • Removed small memory leak from certain menus