Spry Update


  • Field Aggregation can now be controlled per Level


  • Faster load time on all models
  • Added storing/restoring of segment code in Add Digitised Steps
  • Capacity Constraint dates can now be cleared
  • Folder structure now included in export of Triangulations and Grids
  • Re-implemented scripting performance change that was lost in a later release

User Interface

  • Clearer error message when generating Table Plots and all colours are transparent
  • Fixed Data Pivot Table bugs regarding edits to Fields
  • Clearer error messaging when an error is raised during saving


  • Fixed bug where Capacity Constraint max capacity was reached but not firing
  • Overwrite option in Create Triangulations form now works as intended
  • Re-added CumulativeOperatingHours into expressions
  • Fixed Expression names of Trucks with special characters (e.g. ‘-‘)
  • Fixed collapse/expand behaviour in lists including Ranges, Constraints and Dependencies
  • Fixed potential model corruption for several rare combinations of events