Spry Update


  • Inventory Constraints added to Constraints right-click menu, documentation available here and introductory video on Youtube here
  • Added Inline Text Ranges to Destination Paths, Haulage Logic and Animation view
  • Option to separate Predecessor and Successor Ranges as well as Processes to Offset Dependencies


  • Text Ranges now use the same editor as Paths, so path syntax such as Arrays, @Positions and Prefixes now work as well as highlighting
  • Better error highlighting in Highlight Network Connectivity design tools
  • Added ability to exclude default values (e.g Zeroes) from Field Aggregation

User Interface

  • Added Simulation Speed under Haul Profiles (Preview Window)
  • Changes to Haulage Network Layers now mark Schedule as old (red)
  • Added Grand Total button to Data Table View
  • Corrected Solid Overlap Process Filter Labels

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Network Behaviour when Attach and Detach Points are on the same segment
  • Fixed Measure Distance tool label behaviour
  • Fixed an occasional bug with the Processes Bulk Editor
  • Proximity Constraint Expressions now recompile at all relevant times
  • Fixed logic in Range Dependency Panel (Destination) Range popup selectors