Spry Update


  • Calculated Fields which allow Data created with Expressions rather than just Importing.
    Documentation available here (Fields) and here (Table View).
  • Data Pivot Tables added to Table View
  • Source Path Usages right click menu added to Gantt Charts


  • Spreadsheets updated (PivotTable generation, additional Excel style Functions and Data Validation)
  • Table View Aggregation is now stored to allow instantaneous Level switching
  • Table View now updates to reflect changes without needing to close and reopen
  • Video and Image Export Captions now have colour choice

User Interface

  • Improved icons for Dark theme
  • Gantt Chart Current Date mark now appears permanently

Bug Fixes

  • Spreadsheet various stability improvements and bug fixes
  • Pivot Table various stability improvements and bug fixes
  • Corrected spelling errors
  • Fixed Bulk Editor crashes
  • Fixes for Move Points on Loaded Shape tool
  • Fixed issues with rendering of Equipment images