Spry Update


  • “In Range” and “Not In Range” Source and Destination Path tools added. Documentation here
  • Added Intelligent Code Completion to Source and Destination Path editors. Documentation here


  • All Schedules should now run several seconds faster
  • Added FY friendly dropdown to the Reporting Period Name Builder
  • Updated Design Properties forms and settings to use new colour picker


  • Added Reset to All button in Table range select
  • Changed “Image Size” group box text to “Video Size” in Animation Video Export
  • Changed exporting Pivot Table label


  • InitialStateInitialValue and PrefilterRange properties now accessible through scripting
  • Made Proximity Constraints accessible from scripting

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where tree lists had odd mouse selection behaviour
  • Fixed potential crash when calculating network attach/detach points
  • Fixed minimum width issues on windows scaled machines