Spry Update


  • Range Dependencies can now act as Constraints (Date and Equipment dependent). Documentation available here.


  • Export Reports (Excel Export) option added to Pivot Tables right-click menu
  • Date control improvements to Grid Export form
  • Gantt Chart Processes and Equipment now use Background Colours
  • Bulk edit now available for Capacity Constraints
  • Vulcan Archive support allows for common faults
  • Data Extents check now only appears when solids exist

User Interface

  • Added grade preview to Create Shapes and Add Digitised Steps tools
  • Option for Fixed Width Font added to Output Window right-click menu
  • Removed word wrapping from Exception view
  • Fixed Cone Dependency Filters not working for Destination Tasks
  • Implemented Multi-Select support in Filter Expression Wizard
  • Tooltips for Bulk Edit buttons


  • Console.Write and WriteLine now redirect to Output.Write and WriteLine

Bug Fixes

  • Snapshot Viewer right-click menu no longer requires calculation of circular references