Spry Update


  • Create Contours from Grids/Triangulations (right-click item in Design Data for option)
  • Triangulate Grids (right-click item in Design Data for option)
  • Backup Project (right-click Project Name in Project Explorer)


  • Added a current animation date line to Gantt Charts
  • Added Pivot Table chart labels (right-click Pivot Table to enable)
  • Single image export option
  • Added increased image resolution options for export images
  • Add ability to export an image from the Design window
  • Added option to select Range of Haul Profile images to export
  • Added rotation setting to dxf text import and export

User Interface

  • Various Expression Editor layout improvements
  • Open Expression Editor buttons (pop out window) now present with all Expression dropdowns

Bug Fixes

  • Schedule is no longer incorrectly set as “old” on Project open
  • Fixed multiple exported Grids not exporting final date
  • Show/Hide Haul Profiles now works correctly for Preview
  • Various minor bug fixes