Spry Update


  • Added Move Shapes action
  • Added Copy/Move Shape to Layer


  • Delay Recalculating Spreadsheet if it is not an active window
  • Improved Performance of generating Haul Profiles when using Networks
  • Added user options to control Haulage Logic preview line width, point size and colours.

User Interface

  • Redesigned Expression Editor
  • Solid Tooltips now appear when using the Equipment Path action
  • Added Button to set Animation Range from Haulage Logic
  • Added Button to clear Animation Range
  • Updated Generate Grouping Expressions to use tree editor

Bug Fixes

  • Fix Calender fields not working in all expressions properly
  • Fix Solids disappearing in Animation when cancelling a Snapshot
  • Fix Equipment Path randomly moving to the end of document
  • Fix Gantt Chart display issues with when Snapshot shown
  • Fix main ribbon collapsing when only floating documents
  • Fix crash caused by Pivot Tables
  • Fix Move Point action crashing with Network Shapes
  • Fix naming issue when copying Dependency root
  • Fix Predecessor Range restored for Destination Range Dependencies
  • Fix Processes Bulk Edit crash
  • Fix crash when restoring values in some editors
  • Fix crash occuring when right-clicking on Triangulations or Grids
  • Force rechecking for errors in Range Dependencies when changing relationship
  • Fix Null Reference crash when loading model
  • Fix for schedule crashes when really small productivities entered
  • Fix to ensure Solid Overlap Depenency uses the Alternative Solid Field correctly
  • Fix error when using Offset Dependencies with Destinations
  • Fix minor calculation issue with travel times
  • Fix Shape colour selector not applying to multiple Shapes
  • Fix copy/paste of table plots with transparent colour