Spry Update


  • Circular Dependency Identification in Snapshot Viewer
  • Equipment Haulage Parameters can now be built by Expressions
  • Expression Based Solid Tooltips and Equipment Labels


  • Performance improved when saving and opening projects with Haulage
  • Move Points option to move all affected Shapes connected to a particular Point
  • Range Filter option added to Range Dependencies
  • Video Export now includes dropdown for standard sizes
  • Pivot Table Charts now have Axes Titles
  • Added Transparent option to Table Plot Colours

User Interface

  • Pivot Table items now have icons and are sorted
  • Exceptions panel messages now auto-fit


  • Added ScheduleStep.GetReportingPeriod convenience methods
  • Added MinBy and MaxBy Linq extentions

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Spry would crash if you opened a new model with a Dependency window open
  • Fixed a bug where Snapshot Viewer to Current Animation Date didn’t work at the start of a Scenario
  • Fix for appending Spreadsheet formulas
  • Fixed potential Table Plot layer generation crash
  • Snap Mode buttons no longer disappear after using the Equipment Path tool
  • Fixed potential data placement on non Leaf Level
  • Fixes for Haul Profile Image Export to ensure correct operation