Spry Update


  • Process Order Dependencies now added to Dependencies menu
  • Haulage Rules now have priority option
  • Processes and Destination now have Centroid fields that can be referenced in Haulage Rules
  • Haulage Networks are now able to be layered
  • Minex triangulations (.tr5) now supported for both Design and Solid import
  • Import Polygons and Minescape Triangulations through new Table->Import->Solids functions
  • Unsupported Utility: Preschedule Calculator now accepts polyhedrons and grids
  • Various minor speed improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed capacity constraint dates not exporting/importing through XML
  • Fixed deletion of range of nodes from right-click in table view
  • Various minor bug fixes


  • Haulage can now be simulated from a script


  • Snapshot Viewer: Constraints are now listed as Constrained or Not Constrained instead of True/False
  • Renamed Expression Variables IsDestination and IsHaulProfile to HasDestination and HasHaulProfile (legacy support exists)