Spry Update


  • PrescheduleCalculator – added option to preschedule above or preschedule below surface
  • Pivot Tables – Added new right-click menu options (Reset Pivot Table, Clear All Filters, Remove Fields From Filter Area)
  • Added enable/disable of multi-selected items (trucks, destination paths, haul rules, delays, equipment, scripts and associated folders)
  • Relaxed naming restrictions on Destination Path, Range and related folder containers (can now use -!@#$^&<>()_=[]{},. in names)
  • Gantt Charts – Added Custom Fields to Job Results tab Pivot Table


Bug Fixes

  • Centroid Calculator – Now handles Solids with empty meshes/triangle meshes
  • Centroid Calculator – No longer filters out candidate target Point3D fields that do not have the word ‘centroid’ in them
  • MinescapePolygonGenerator – Fixed example input/output description
  • Various minor bug fixes

Scripting Changes

  • Added regionify selection button