Spry Update


  • Added Z Scaling to Spry Settings -> Design Settings
  • Export solids as Vulcan .00t file format through new Export Data form
  • Added Minex Grid import and export
  • Truck Database updated to include 130 truck configurations
  • Tyre Database updated to include ~700 tyre model and tread combinations
  • Added sub captions to Gantt Charts

Bug Fixes

  • Added no points check when exporting GridMesh
  • Fixed crash when inserting a point on a closed shape
  • Fix for equipment images not being drawn correctly when destination scheduling
  • Various minor bug fixes

Interface Changes

  • Improved Export Data Form

Script Changes

  • Moved Spry design data (GridMesh, TriangleMesh etc) namespace from PrecisionMining.Common.Data to PrecisionMining.Common.Design.Data