Spry Update


  • Gantt Charts as a results option, in addition to Animation, Pivot Tables and Spreadsheets. Documentation available here
  • Spreadsheets – formula bar, mouse range selection when editing formula, cell format form, charts, append on import option
  • Implemented segment code override for start and end of haul profiles
  • Added Error Checking and active path highlighting to UI Destination Paths
  • Added Priority and Date Limits to Destination Paths. Documentation available soon
  • Added Navigate from schedule step to destination path
  • Updated Delay Entry UI to allow editing the Duration column
  • Performance improvements for Nvidia cards
  • Custom Fields Import/Export
  • Various minor improvements
  • Pivot Tables – Added charting of totals if selected without other data
  • Pivot Tables – Remember Export settings

Bug Fixes

  • Updated pivot table charts to prevent bug with arguments out of order on x axis.
  • Fixed popup closing on enter key in range dependencies
  • Fixed single point selection in Animation/Design
  • Various minor bug fixes
  • Updated spreadsheet TABLEVALUE function to return error when range not specified properly

Interface Changes

  • Rearranged destination paths in schedule snapshot
  • Added additional information when positions don’t exist on a table
  • Improved error messages when importing a schedule
  • Removed CodeGen node
  • Fixed inconsistencies with design data panel showing on document floating

Note: This update has been adjusted from version 398 to 404 with minor bug fixes.