Spry Update


  • Updated Vector3D editor to allow dragging on the compass and grade controls
  • Added right click menu to the Recent Files list
  • Added multi-dimensional arrays for paths
  • Added spreadsheets to the XML import/export
  • Improved import data/schedule behaviour
  • Added ‘Measure Distance’ tool to design
  • Allowed for removal of unused Positions
  • Allowed data and schedule import to read readonly spreadsheets
  • Perform deferred update of WeightingCustomField when pasting multiple CustomFields
  • Implemented a simple cache for looking up reporting periods

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crash in About window for Xeon processors
  • Fixed error checking of SourceRange on DestinationPath import
  • Table node is now visible when opening an empty Table
  • Fixed horizontal scrollbar on undocked Table forms
  • Fixed the right-click menu in spreadsheets
  • Fixed bugs in Table data backend
  • Handle errors when getting licensing information in the About window
  • Fixed crash on undo/redo buttons Equipment and Destination Paths