Spry Update


  • Performance improvement for equipment labels in the Animation
  • Added options to be able to hide or modify haul profile labels
  • Added option to be able to adjust the z offset of haul profiles

Bug Fixes

  • Better fix for reload solids crash
  • Fix stretched image when exporting images/video
  • Fixed bugs in import xml
  • Limited message box to displaying only the first 10 errors for Xml import
  • Fixed a bug with save/restore settings of export image/video form
  • Fixed the calculation of duration and frames for animation video export
  • Fixed crashes on solid editor preview
  • Fix Tyre Database Accept button disabled after cancelling
  • Removed some of the restrictions on speed force points
  • Fixed potential index out of bounds exception when selecting tyre from tyre database
  • Added a check for the clipboard not responding that was causing crashes
  • Added a message when the user tries to open a read-only database
  • Added a more appropriate dialog when trying to import a position name that is invalid
  • Bug fixes that were causing the centroid calculator to crash
  • Added check to ensure folder is created if it doesn’t exist when exporting images & videos
  • Fixed a couple of crashes that were occurring when closing a model
  • Fixed a crash when trying to delete multiple rule steps and groups at a time
  • Fixed a crash that was occurring in pivot tables when running a schedule or modifying a case