Spry Update


  • Can now navigate into hidden code sections when navigating from the Script Navigator or through Exceptions.
  • Added a description to a Field Folder.
  • Added a lock button to the Table form to stop accidental modifications.
  • Added Net Engine Power & Heaped Tray Capacity to a truck. These fields are currently only for reference but will be used for a soon to be released feature.
  • Reduced the requirements of Truck rimpull and retard curves.
  • Exposed ability to generate a shape from DXF import through scripting.
  • Added Text to DXF Export.
  • Added Int, Long & Solid to NodeDataType for scripting.
  • Multiselect right click enable/disable for haulage rules, trucks, equipment, destination paths, delays.
  • Beta only has the new XpacPolygonConverter UI Utility.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed selection bevahiour after inserting a copy of an item.
  • Added check to ensure that Source Scheduling is enabled before trying to update the Equipment Path highlighting.
  • Fixed adding a non-productive process crashing custom fields.
  • Ensured that Text get removed from Design windows when the layer is deleted.