Spry Update


  • Added start time of day to Reporting Periods as well as number of Hours as a period duration option.

Bug Fixes

  • Can’t create ranges from Haulage Logic when there are no ranges on the table.
  • Changed the text in the Custom Field when weight averaging to say ‘Weighted by Field’ rather than just ‘Field’.
  • Custom Field database mapping fix which was causing ‘Deleted object would be re-saved’ crashes.
  • Schedule Snapshot crash when adding dependencies outside of a DependencyRule.
  • Handle errors with Schedule when updating Equipment Source Path highlighting.
  • Copy/Paste throwing OutOfMemoryExceptions should no longer occur.
  • Creating new Table Nodes (e.g. by importing new Nodes) was not recreating the Range caches.
  • Field aggregators were not being imported when importing an Xml at the table level.
  • Renaming an equipment using the textbox on the Equipment page now actually renames the equipment.
  • Minor fixes to the Solids Editor and Triangulation Import forms.