Spry Update


  • Custom Fields rework. Ability to reference scheduling parameters and other custom fields. Custom fields can be specified per equipment and per process and can now be used to easily build up cost models within Spry.
  • Copy & Paste functionality for most elements in Spry (e.g. case, haulage rules/groups/steps, reports, destination paths, equipment).
  • Ability to right click on a schedule and navigate to Haulage Rules associated with that schedule step.
  • Added truck TKPH calculations which affect the ‘Adjusted’ haulage results.
  • Added truck fuel burn calculations.
  • Added ability to stop short delays causing equipment flickering in the animation. The non-productive process can now be set to not show in the animation which will leave the equipment image shown on the last equipment’s task.
  • Ability to handle 2 mapping points (previous need 3 or more) in georeferenced images.
  • Store georeferenced image in original image format (previously converted it to a PNG).
  • Added ability to import Minescape triangulations to the menu. Cleaned up import menus so all triangulation formats use the same import option.
  • Added the ability to clear the output window through the window’s right click menu.

Bug Fixes

  • Removed ‘Processes’ from the filter list of expression variables.
  • XML importing of a rule step ‘Error parsing VectorPointSourceField’.
  • Georeferenced image crashes.
  • Fixed crashing in TextRanges when deleting positions.
  • Improved behaviour of design actions to be more consistent.
  • Changed order of items in the context menus to be more consistent.
  • Truck Tyre TKPH changes not being persisted
  • Equipment Path errors still showing after being fixed.
  • Custom Fields showing NullReferenceException error when using Process or Equipment variables.
  • Fixed issue with values being cached when importing new table fields from an XML file.
  • Fixed a couple of crashes which were occurring when closing a model.
  • Fixed source path error checker causing crashes.

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