Spry Update

New Features

  • Added georeferenced images for triangulations (image registration).
  • Full support for reading Vulcan 8 compressed format triangulations.
  • Initial support for text objects in design.  Can now import from a DXF file, delete, move and change colour.
  • Added Z-Up rotation.  This is now the default and can be changed between Z-Up and Arc Ball rotation through the Configuration options.
  • Provided more feedback with ‘Grade Too Steep’ errors when generating haul logic to make it easier to identify and fix the issue.
  • Changed the way a schedule is stored in the database to significantly increase model loading time.
  • Now generate offline installers for users who no longer wish to use the automatic update system.  Updates will need to be manually applied.  Contact us for more information if this is something you would like.
  • Allow inverting/show all/hide all solids in the animation.  This is handy when updating the schedule’s initial state and checking dependency behaviour.
  • Tooltips added when hovering over solids in the animation.  These can be disabled in the Configuration options.
  • Speed improvement when generating Destination Paths.
  • Speed improvement when using Dependencies with a delayed release time.
  • Added Filter to Scripting Window.
  • Added ability to show and find all objects definitions in scripting (classes, variables, constants, delegates, enums, structs etc).
  • Allow new Table Nodes to be created from within the Table window by right clicking on an existing node.
  • Updated the vector editor to allow bearing and slope properties to be specified.
  • Allow the Solid Advance Direction to be set through the UI.
  • Added extra timers for the Scheduling Engine diagnostics.
  • Changed default Table aggregation setting to allow data aggregation to lower levels.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed right click menu in Animation (can select Network properties again).
  • Improved the design Undo/Redo buffer implementation.
  • Improved the design selection behaviour.
  • Change default settings for filtering solids on import through the Data Import Wizard to improve the look of the solids in the animation.
  • Update to latest control library – fixes menu duplication when floating a window.
  • Changing a Case’s Source Table will update the field editors on the Processes window.
  • Improved error handling and messages when importing schedules.
  • Improvements to the behaviour in the Export 3D Grid window.
  • Improvements to the behaviour of the range selector when deleting Table Nodes.
  • Fixed unusual behaviour of Equipment Process Quantity Field selector when a Default Quantity Field is selected.
  • Accept & Cancel buttons on Equipment Rates now work properly.
  • Schedule snapshot no longer shows if the schedule fails while running.
  • Fixed spacing issue between items in the menu bars.
  • Ignore importing data for Table Nodes that are orphaned or non-leaf.
  • Fixed issues with Source Path Highlighting now working in certain situations.
  • Allow selection of Solid Fields in the Data Import Wizard.
  • Fixed Scheduling Engine calculations error when dealing with tasks that are completed almost instantly.
  • Sort a Table Node’s Children when positions are reordered.
  • Fix issue of sharing certain design elements between panels when multiple case windows are opened.
  • Fixed issue where folders could not be added in the ranges form.
  • Fixed a couple of issues with the parsing of Text Paths.
  • Many bug fixes to the Import/Export system.
  • Added ability to remove a Truck from an Equipment Process.
  • Truck payload and weight fields are read-only again (these are calculated from the Axle information).

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