Dragline Block to Block Pathing

This tutorial is to help set up ‘Block-to-Block’ Dragline destination pathing.

This guide assumes that:

  • Your Deposit and Dump reserves have the same Block numbering
  • Your Dump level structure is Dump/Strip/Block/Bench

Unless otherwise indicated, quotation marks are not to be included in your own work.

Destination Paths

The first step is to create one Destination Path per Block. The quickest method to do this is outlined below.

  1. In your Destination Paths section, create a folder named “PitName” Dragline
  2. Create a single destination path called “B1”
  3. Set the Equipment and Processes to your Dragline
  4. Set the Source Range to “PitName”/*/B1
  5. Your Destination path should be:

Allow Advance:On

NOTE: This path says ‘dump in the matching block as far as possible from Strip1, (e.g. Try to dump in Strip 12 before Strip 11).

  1. Right Click your “PitName” Dragline folder and select ‘Edit Destination Paths’
  2. There should be one row that represents the Path you just created, select and copy the entire row
  3. Open Microsoft Excel and paste the line from Step 7
  4. Select the whole row and use the “+” auto-fill icon to drag  and create a row for each Block
  5. In the column to the right of “False” set each row to 1. This is the priority of each Destination Path
  6. Select and copy all rows in Excel
  7. Go back to Spry and the Edit Destination Paths window from Step 6
  8. Right click the existing row and select “Add Rows …”
  9. Add as many rows as you need to fit your Excel created Paths
  10. Paste your Excel paths into the newly created rows and select Accept

NOTE: Due to the alphabetical ordering, your newly created Destination Paths may appear out of order. This will have no affect on the dragline.


After creating the Destination Paths you need a dependency to prevent the dragline from dumping anywhere it can’t. To prevent a clutter of dependencies, use the Coal process or the lowest seam as the Predecessor. The example below assumes that your Pit and Dump strips are numbered in the same direction.

  1. Create a Range Dependency that has Destination Waits On Source.
  2. Predecessor Range: “PitName”/{S1..S20} <Coal>
  3. Successor Range: “DumpName”/{S1..S20}

This Dependency will allow dumping into S1 of the Dump when all Coal tasks in S1 of the Pit have been completed.

You will probably need a 2nd Destination Waits on Source Range Dependency to add an extra strip offset to the Truck Shovel dumping.

  1. Predecessor Range: “PitName”/{S2..S20} <Dragline>
  2. Successor Range: “DumpName”/{S1..S19}
  3. Turn on Act as Constraint, Equipment limited to Truck Shovel

This second dependency means you won’t start truck shovelling into Strip 1 of your dump until your dragline has finished digging Strip 2 of your Pit (and dumping into Strip 1 of the dump).

NOTE: You can split your arrays however you need, e.g. (Blocks 1-6 are released, then Block 7-12 become released).