Source Scheduling #9: Delays

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In the Source Path section, you looked at how to add a delay into the path itself (Date Delays and Time Delays). This is useful when you need a delay to occur after a certain Task is completed such as a relocation or a delayed start. However you will also have delays which occur no matter the condition of the schedule such as public holidays and planned maintenance. These are addressed separately from the Path in the Delays window.

A key feature of Delays is Recurrence which allows you to repeat your delay as often as is required. Note that the Recurrence is based on the Start Date for example if you wanted 2 days of maintenance a month, the recurrence is 1 month, not 1 month – 2 days.


To create a new Delay container right-click “Delays” in the side window and choose Add -> New Delay

Each Delay can include multiple entries, create a new entry by clicking the Add Entry button source3processes2


The default (Nonproductive) Process will be the one with the lowest index (first in the list). This controls how the delay is reported in your results.