Source Scheduling #3: Processes

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A Process in Spry is any process or activity a piece of equipment may undertake that should be scheduled and reported separately from others. Processes are either productive (linked to a data value such as volume or metres) or non-productive (representing a pause in activity such as a public holiday or maintenance).

Productive Processes: Source Quantity

Every productive process has a value that is linked to a Field in the Deposit Table. Source scheduling is based on “working” this value, which is called the Source Quantity. Note: Two or more different processes may use the same Field for their Source Quantity, but the value is duplicated, not shared.


Any Leaf in the Deposit Table that has a Source Quantity greater than zero can be worked. The most work that can be done on any Source Quantity is 100%.

Productive Processes: Initial Percentage Completed (optional)

Anywhere from 0% (default) to 100% of each productive process can be pre-scheduled (per Leaf). Assigning an Initial Percentage Completed Field reconciles your Data with any material that has already been mined to ensure you are only scheduling material that is still in the ground.

Productive Processes: Solids (optional)

Any Leaf that can be worked (has a Source Quantity greater than zero) can also be displayed visually through the use of 3D Solids by assigning a Solids Field to the process. This means that Leaves that cannot be worked (volume <=0) will not be displayed even with an associated Solid file. Any pre-schedule will also apply to the way each Solid is displayed (50% pre-schedule = 50% visible, 100% pre-schedule = 0% visible). The “Alternate” Solids Field is used when a Solid can’t be found in the primary Field (material that may have changed Solid type during reserves processing).

Productive Processes: Centroid (optional)

Cone Dependencies, Proximity Centroids and Haulage all potentially use Centroids (Point3D Type Fields). Normal practice for Source Scheduling is to use Floor Centroids.


The combination of a Process (including it’s assigned Source Quantity) and each workable Leaf is known in Spry as a Task. Scheduling in Spry can be considered to be the assignment of each of these Tasks to one or many pieces of Equipment, the set up of which is handled in the next section.


To add a new process, under either the Productive or Nonproductive tabs left-click the Add Process button source3processes2.

  • The Default Source Quantity Field will only link to a Double Precision Float Field type.
  • The Initial Percentage Completed Field will only link to a Percentage Field type.
  • The Solids Field will only link to a Solid Field type.
  • The Centroid Field will only link to a Point3D Field type.

In order to undergo any kind simulation, a productive process needs to be ticked as Active.


It is possible to not choose a Default Source Quantity Field, but this will require each piece of equipment that works this process to have a Source Quantity Field to be explicitly assigned.

Example Productive Processes:

  • Topsoil
  • Freedig
  • Drill
  • Blast
  • Waste
  • Commodity to be mined

Example Nonproductive Processes:

  • Maintenance
  • Wait on Block
  • Public Holiday
  • Delayed Start