Source Scheduling #2: Scenario Settings

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Once created, a new Scenario requires several parameters to be set. These link the Scenario to your Deposit Data, set simulation Start and End Dates and (optionally) link to a Calendar that can be used to set certain parameters conditionally by date (addressed in later documentation).


With a new Scenario, the default includes all 3 simulations (Source Scheduling, Destination Scheduling and Haulage). Start by unticking the simulations you don’t want to run.


The relevant Tables can be set under the Data section, note that the Calendar Table is optional. The Source Prefilter Range is an inclusive range that limits the amount of data available to the Scenario which is useful for large datasets where you are only working with a particular section.


Start and End Date set hard limits on the time your simulations will run. Scheduling Engine Setup Script will control which script is executed when you run your Scenario. This will be addressed further in advanced documentation. If using a Calendar Table, a Calendar Start Date Field must also be set.


The Solid Tooltips & Equipment Labels allow you to use Expressions to add more information to your Animation Window. When you hover on a Solid, the Solid Tooltip will show additional text such as qualities so your tooltip might be

"Coal Ash: " + GetText(SourceImportedCoalFreshASH) + NewLine +
"Coal Sulphur: " + GetText(SourceImportedCoalFreshSulphur),

The Equipment Label might include the block location so that it’s more clear in images

Text(SourceStrip) + "/" + Text("SourceBlock")

Note that whatever the Expression, it needs to amount to a String so the Text() function will likely be used.


The Initial State tab allows you to set a pre-mined or pre-schedule state using the same text range style as Source and Destination Paths.

In order for an Initial State to be effective, it references and writes to a relevant Percentage Field set either:

  • In the Process section under the Initial Percentage Completed Field (Source Scheduling) OR
  • The General tab under Destination Initial Percentage Filled Field


Please note: The process of applying an initial state writes to the relevant Percentage Fields on the Source and Destination Table in order. If you remove the default line * (0%) then note that the effects of each change to the Initial State will be cumulative as this line serves to reset it.