Results #7: Grids, Videos and Images

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Just about anything you can view in the Animation window can be exported. You can create grids out of your 3D data at any points in time you choose that are Vulcan, Minex and generic DXF compatible. You can also export Video of your schedule in process or a series of Images.



Create a Grid from the Animation window by clicking Export -> Grid


The Export 3D Grid Surface menu allows you to choose the date/s, number of grids and their properties. The Export Multiple Layers tickbox will provide you with the option to generate several layers based on a Period Length, Start and End Dates.

If you don’t choose the Export Multiple Layers option, your Grid will be generated on whatever date you are currently viewing in the animation window.


Once your Grids are generated, you can view and export them through the Design Window at the bottom left of the screen.


Video & Image Export

The first time you try to export a Video, you’ll need to be connected to the internet to download the appropriate codec. Once that is installed, you will see the following default window:


From here you can control the dates, video type, resolution, animation speed and the title that appears as the video progresses. Image export is similar to video but less complex.