Haulage #4: Road Networks

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In the previous section we looked at individually creating Points from the Source to the Destination. A major problem with this is that for every combination of Source and Destination you have to duplicate your work over and over again. As there is usually an established set of roads at any mine site, Road Networks in Spry allow you to separate out your workload into Attach (Source) and Detach (Destination) Rules by connecting to the roads in between.



Drawing your Road Network

The following tools allow you to draw a network in your Animation view.

  • create Create Shape: Adds a new shape (line or point) to the Road Network. If connecting to an existing Road Network shape, ensure Snap to Point on Segment is the selected Snap Tool.
  • move Move Points: Moves points on a selected shape or a text object
  • deletep Delete Points: Deletes points from a selected shape
  • insert Insert Points: Inserts points on a selected shape
  • line Line Grade: Change the gradient (z value) between two connected points (first point selected is anchored, second point moves)
  • join Join Shapes: Joins two open shapes into one. The second shape selected takes on the properties of the first shape
  • split Split Shape: Splits one shape into two by selecting two points which become the start and end of the second shape
  • set Set Properties: Change the size and colour of the shape
  • deletes Delete Shape(s): Deletes an entire shape or text object

Highlight Network Shape highlightnetwork

One tool not already mentioned that is very useful in determining if your Road Network is set up correctly is the Highlight Network Shape tool. In the example below, the wrong Snap option has meant that your Road Network isn’t connected properly.


Adjusting Road Settings

Each Road Network shape has multiple properties:

  • Source Range: Determines what sources the road can carry. Draws from source table ranges. Required.
  • Destination Range: Determines what destinations the road can carry. Draws from destination table ranges. Required.
  • Processes: Determines what processes the road can carry. Defaults to all processes. Adjust to narrow range of rule. Required.
  • Equipment: Determines what equipment the road can carry (associated Trucks). Defaults to all processes. Adjust to narrow range of rule. Required.
  • Segment Code
  • Attachable/Detachable:Determines whether or not a Logic Step can attach or detach from this road. See Logicfor more information.
  • Date Limited: Allows for a Start and End date to apply to the Attach and Detach properties of each Network Shape.

Additional settings control the appearance of the shape.

Road Networking Troubleshooting

If you are having problems with your road network check the following:

  • Objects must connect precisely. When you draw a new road on your network, make sure it connects to the road it intersects with. Roads that cross each other without snapping are not treated as connected.

Possible Issue #1: Scenario Setup (Haulage)

Maximum Profile Grade and Maximum Profile Distance settings will limit your all elements of your haul road which includes your network. For example, in the image below Maximum Profile Grade is set to 10%. If your road network includes elements that are 12.5%, they will not function until this setting is adjusted to 13%.

Possible Issue #2: Road Network Design/Creation

There are several requirements for roads to connect with each other but the general rule is this. If you are creating a new shape (road) to attach to an existing one, always attach to points (not lines).

Possible Issue #3: Road Network Settings

For each part of the road in your network, there are network shape properties. If you wish for two points of your haul to be connected by a road network, all network shapes along the path must share source, destination, process and equipment attributes.

Possible Issue #4: Logic Rule Setup

Similar to Issue #3, each Rule in your Logic has Source, Destination, Equipment and Process settings that must match your road network.

Possible Issue #5: Logic Network Attach/Detach Points

Attach and Detach type Rules possess an additional step which controls the fuzzy positioning (blue sphere) around the attachment/detachment point. In the example image below, if the truck required an 11% grade either up or down to meet the road, it would not currently be working.