Haulage #2: Rule Setup

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Haulage Logic allows you to group various Output Schedule Steps that have a similar location or haulage strategy. For each Rule that you create in the Logic window of Spry, you use a filter in a similar way to a Destination Path. This filters the Output Schedule and will apply the rule to relevant Output Schedule Steps. Contrary to Destination Paths, the Ranges don’t have a default and will need to be set for each Rule. In addition to filters, in the Rule Setup you can control whether or not the Rule is a Network Rule (addressed in a later section).

The additional filter available (Destination Range) has an extra concept to be aware of, which is “Blanks”. Output Schedule Steps that don’t have a Destination Leaf are considered to have a Blank Destination Range. The most common use of Blanks is for Processes that don’t get Destination Scheduled (Coal, Ore etc) that still need Haulage Simulation.

In the Rule Setup you can also add additional distance to simulate Trucks driving into correct position around the Start and End of the Rule.


Add a new Rule by right-clicking “Logic” and selecting Add -> New Rule.


Once your Filters are set, you should see Output Schedule Steps under the Current Rule tab to the right. If you don’t see any Steps under the current rule, either Run your Scenario to populate the Output Schedule, or adjust the Filter.