Gantt Scheduler #8: Reporting

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Use the Reports tab to generate reports based on many different variables. Reports are built up using a pivot table and it is possible to have multiple reports, each showing different variables.

To add a new report, click on Reports and right-click Add. Select an appropriate name for the report. Close the screen. For each report, use the drag and drop functionality to build up a table of data. To display additional fields, right-click and select ‘Show Field List’. Items on the list can then be dragged to the PivotGrid.

Reporting Periods and Reporting Levels

Use the Reporting Periods tab to determine how often reports are to be generated (e.g. monthly, weekly, etc.).

To add a new reporting level (to report on a specific time period), click on the Reporting Periods tab then right-click on Reporting Levels and Add and select New Reporting Period (Use Wizard) or New Reporting Level (Empty). If Use Wizard is selected, it will open as it appears below.


Reporting Level (Level Name) will be highlighted when the wizard opens. Give the Reporting Level a name (e.g. Month, Weekly, etc.).

While the Reporting Level is the name of the collection (e.g. years), the Period Name is the name of the individual periods (e.g. months). The Period Name can be selected by using the tag selector (circled in red in the image above). The Period Name can be entered in two ways. Firstly, it may be entered by typing directly into the Period Name box (circled below). Note that the period must contain square brackets on each side – e.g [Month]. The second method involves using the drop down box in the Tag menu (which can be seen in the image below). Select the desired Period Name from the list then Insert.


A completed Reporting Period Name Builder can be seen in the image below. The Preview Period Name allows a sample of the Period Name to be viewed. Press Accept when all details are correct.

Apply to Entire Scenario is the preset Schedule option. Untick the box to select a different Start Date and End Date. Period Length can be adjusted using the drop down boxes. It is also possible to determine the Starting day, whether it be a specific day of the month, a specific month, or a specific day of the week.


Use the reports tab to generate the required reports using the reporting periods just created and those which have been preset. The items can be dragged and dropped into place.