Gantt Scheduler #7: Views

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This is used to give you a visual representation of your Gantt schedule. Multiple views can be set up differently depending on what you want Gantt to show.

Adding a New View

To Add a new view to your schedule, right-click and select Add.


You will then be able to click or tab through Index, Name, Equipment, Processes, Job Colour Level and Job Sequence Level and make any necessary changes.


The Index tab allows the order that each view appears in to be changed.

The Name tab allows you to give each view a name which is appropriate to your schedule.

The Equipment tab determines what equipment is to be showed in the view. Click in the box labelled < All > to adjust these settings. ‘Include All Equipment’ is set as the default. Untick the box to select only the required equipment.


The Processes tab allows only the desired processes (productive, non-productive or a combination of both) to be shown in the view (e.g. coal, topsoil, waste, maintenance, relocation, shutdown). ‘All Processes’ is set as the default. Untick the box to select only the required processes. The image below shows that only Waste and Relocation processes are to be displayed in this view.


Levels allows you to select how your view is broken down and separated. For example if you wished to see each piece of equipment and it’s schedule, you would select “Equipment”. You can add layers to your levels to provide a breakdown for example Pit/Equipment will show each Pit and the equipment within each.

Job Colour Level allows you to select how your background colour is defined.

Job Sequence Level shows on each of the job one of your levels, useful for visualisation without going into each job individually.

Areas Any areas that you have defined are set here. Whilst these are not

Gantt Productive Title uses fields within your Gantt Project to name each Job within the view.


Gantt Non-Productive Title same as above but for Non-Productive processes