Gantt Scheduler #6: Delays

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The main Delays window provide global, reusable delays such as public holidays, weekends, known maintenance schedules etc.

Add a new Delay

Click into “Delays” from the main header, right click “Delays” from the new window and click “Add New”


  • Active: Setting active/inactive controls every instance of this delay.
  • Equipment: From a list select which pieces of equipment are relevant for the delay
  • Process: Chosen from the list of inactive processes defined already
  • Start/End: Controls the start/end time of the first occurrence of the delay
  • Duration: Shows the length of time, cannot be controlled (controlled by Start/End)
  • Occurence: Set a recurrence of the delay in Hours/Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Years.
  • Last Occurence: Shows the last occurrence of the delay, cannot be controlled, used for reference/checking.