Gantt Scheduler #5: Equipment

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Equipment or resources are machinery that do one or more of the defined processes.

    • There is an hourly rate for each process that you allow equipment to complete.
    • Each piece of equipment or resource item will work for a percentage of the calendar time (utilisation/availability) called Operating Time Factor.

To add a new equipment item, select Equipment then click the green “+”.

To setup/edit equipment, right-click the equipment and select ‘Setup Equipment.’ This will open up four tabs – General, Processes, Path, and Schedule. Tip: Using the Shift button from the “Setup Equipment” window you can edit multiple pieces of equipment at once to change colours and start date.



In the General tab equipment you can make the following adjustments: colours, start date scheduled, operating time factor and adding global delays that have been created in the Delays window.

Operating time factors use an expression generator. A simple expression would be 16/24 which would equal 16 hours a day or 66%. Default value is 1 (100%).



In the Processes tab enter the Process, Total Hourly Rate & Active (Yes/No) for each piece of equipment. The expression generator is used for the total hourly rate.


The Path tab is used to define the path, or order, in which the equipment will complete the set tasks. The Grid format uses a drag and drop system for tasks that allows you to set percentage completion and rate. The default filter only shows tasks that have not been 100% scheduled.


The other tab in the Path section is the Text editor. To insert tasks, select Insert>Tasks which is circled in the image below which also shows a sample list of tasks in the Text format.


When Insert>Tasks has been selected, there are some additional options which can be adjusted including Percentage and Rate Factor.

      • Percentage allows for only part of the block, seam, etc. to be scheduled.
      • The Rate Factor adjusts the speed at which the equipment completes a specific path. For example if it is known that there is a block that is difficult to access you might set your rate factor at 0.9 which means the equipment will work at 90% speed for this path.

It is also possible to Insert>Date Delay and Insert>Time Delay. The Time Delay is based on calendar time rather than operating time (it does not factor in the Operating Time factor from the General tab)

Be careful not to confuse the Date Delay and Time Delay with the delays found in the Delays tab.


The Schedule tab shows the schedule of the selected equipment. If this is blank, either the schedule needs to be run or the equipment has not been scheduled correctly.

A sample completed schedule is shown in the image below: