Gantt Scheduler #4: Tasks

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A task is a single job that consists of a quantity of a certain process. Tasks may be imported using one of two methods. The Gantt Scheduler User Interface allows the data to be imported individually directly into Gantt Scheduler. Alternatively, the data can be imported from an Excel spreadsheet. The advantage to importing Tasks from an Excel spreadsheet is that it allows for the managing of reserves in one location.

To add a new process, right-click > Add > Process. Add details into the appropriate boxes.



The Title, Subtitle and Process must each be unique and together cannot be repeated at any time throughout the tasks. The headings must match the headings in the Excel spreadsheet. A sample completed table is included below.


Use the Export button to export to Excel to edit. Keeping all data in Excel spreadsheets means that other people can edit data without needing to know the Gantt Scheduler program. Reserves can be set up however preferred (e.g. in multiple worksheets).

Use the Import button to import spreadsheet/s back into Gantt Scheduler. Multiple spreadsheets can be selected and Gantt Scheduler will determine which sheets have the correct formatting and only import the appropriate sheets. Select ‘Synchronise Tasks’ to remove tasks from Gantt Scheduler where they don’t exist in the imported spreadsheets (i.e. to synchronise changes made in the Excel spreadsheet to Gantt Scheduler).


Any new tasks will be highlighted. See example below.