Gantt Scheduler #2: Processes

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A process or activity is a mining operation that takes time (e.g. drilling, loading, excavating). It can also refer to different material types that need to be reported separately (freedig, blasted material, coal, low grade ore, high grade ore).

The Processes tab is used to set up productive and nonproductive processes. Productive processes are those which you which generate tasks for (ie. a quantity). Nonproductive tasks are used to generate delays based on calendar time. To add a new productive or nonproductive process, right-click and Select ‘Add’.


The Index numbers indicate the order that the processes will appear in the Views and Reports.

The Name indicates what productive process is to be scheduled (e.g. topsoil, waste, coal, etc.) or, in the case of non-productive processes, what delay/s are expected (e.g. relocation, maintenance, shutdown, etc.).

The Units indicates what units of quantity the process is to be measured in (e.g. sqm, bcm, t, etc.).

The Colour can be adjusted to change the way it will appear in Views.

If Hidden is selected (ticked), the process will not appear in the Views. Hidden should be selected if the process needs to be hidden from Views.

A sample of the completed Productive process is given below:

A sample of the completed Nonproductive process is given below:

In Views, the above processes would be displayed as below. The red arrows indicate the Productive processes and the blue arrow indicates a Nonproductive process. Note that the colours indicated in the table match those in the tables above (e.g. chocolate for waste, black for coal and aqua for maintenance).