Gantt Scheduler #1: Introduction & Setup

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Gantt Scheduler is a gantt-based scheduling tool built with the primary goals of being fast and easy to use whilst providing all of the functionality required to schedule a mine quickly. Gantt Scheduler is also designed to be simple and require minimal training.

To set up a new model, select File, Create Project:

You will then need to select a name for your project and choose where to store the file on your computer. The file will be stored with the extension .gantt.

The next time you want to open the project, select File>Open and then find the file in the drop-down list.

The History tab allows the modification history to be displayed. Hovering over the title allows the information to be filtered (e.g. filter a specific date, area/s, modification type, etc.). A sample screen shot is provided below:


The model is best set up in the following order: Processes, Areas, Tasks, Equipment, Delays then Views.


A process or activity is a mining operation that takes time (e.g. drilling, loading, excavating).
It can also refer to different material types that need to be reported separately (freedig, blasted material, coal, low grade ore, high grade ore).


Equipment or resources are machinery that do one or more of the defined processes.
There is an hourly rate for each process. Each piece of equipment or resource item will work for a percentage of the calendar time (utilisation/availability).


A task is a single job that consists of a quantity of a certain process.


A dependency is the relationship between two tasks that one task (predecessor) must be completed before another task (successor).