Data #8: Exporting/Deleting Data

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The major concept in exporting Data relates to understanding the difference between exporting the Data itself and exporting the Structure of the Data.

Exported Data is a .csv file that includes:

  • A header that lists Level and Field Names
  • Positions and data items for each Leaf
  • Solids data (when selected, in individual .solid Spry or .00t Vulcan format files)

Exported Structure is really only intended for use between Spry models and is an .xml file that includes:

  • Ranges
  • Levels and Positions
  • Fields

Deleting Data (or Deleting Nodes) refers to the deletion of once again the Data itself and not the Structure. Most commonly the deletion of Nodes occurs when importing new reserves to ensure that duplicates or erroneous reocrds aren’t maintained.


To export data, right-click the Table, select Export > Data


From this menu you can choose what Range you wish to export (default: All), which Fields to export (default: All) and whether or not to export your solids and into which format (default: Spry Solid, but Vulcan .00t also available)

To export Table structure, right-click the Table and select Export > Table Structure

To delet Nodes, right-click the Table and select Delete Nodes. Either delete using the default All range, or otherwise create/select a Range to Delete. A popup window will appear warning the number of Nodes that will be deleted, so create a Backup of your model if you are unsure!