Data #5: Table View and Data Pivot Tables

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The Table View is where Table data is represented visually, as well as allowing for individual data adjustments. The layout and aggregation of the data is set in the Field Setup for the Table. You can also choose to see only certain ranges of your data, which is covered in the next section on Picked Ranges.

It is not recommended that you frequently use the ability to unlock the Table and edit Data manually but it is always available through the Lock/Unlock button.

In regards to troubleshooting, if you cannot see any Data in your Table View one of two things has occurred. Either you have no Data in your Table OR you have selected a Range Filter that has filtered out all available Data on your Table.

Pivot Table functionality was introduced to Data Tables in 2016, if you are interested in a basic overview of how they work you can visit the original Pivot Table documentation here.

Calculation Options

If you are using Calculated Fields, the switching the Calculation Option from the default (Automatic) to Manual allows you to make several changes to your data without having to wait for the Table View to recalculate and re-aggregate your Data.


To open a Table and view the data within, double-click the Table name in the Project Explorer window. The tree structure when first opened is completely collapsed, so to open each branch left-click the arrow data5table1 next to each Position you wish to view further into.

By default, data is locked to prevent accidental changes. Unlock the data to allow changes left-click the Unlock button. It is recommended that this feature is used sparingly to maintain data integrity.



If you have selected a Position that is not in the lowest Level you will see an aggregated (summary) view. Certain Field types cannot be aggregated and will always appear blank (Solids, Point3D, Text String). Others will appear blank if an Aggregate property has not been set in the Field Setup.



To see only a certain range of your data, left-click the either the Range dropdown or the … button to select and build new Ranges, discussed in the next section.

Calculation Options

With the Calculation Option set to Manual, clicking Calculate Now will perform the same calculations that would happen on every change under Automatic mode. Recalculate All forces every Field to be recalculated whether or not Spry has detected changes to the Table.

Data Pivot Tables

To switch to Data Pivot Table view, with the Table View open left-click Pivot Tables (to the left of the Unlock button).

Data Pivot Tables can have up to 20 Fields selected on creation, to edit the Fields available to an existing Pivot Table right-click and choose Properties.