Animation Crashes and Nvidia Anti-Aliasing

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If you’re experiencing repeated Spry crashes on opening your animation or loading solids it may be due to your Nvidia anti-aliasing settings.

This guide will help determine if your settings are contributing to your crashes and how to fix the problem.

Step 1

Right-click the Windows desktop and select “NVIDIA Control Panel” on the pop-up menu to open the settings window. If the option does not appear on the menu, open it from within Windows Control Panel instead by clicking the “Start” button and selecting “Control Panel.”


Step 2

Click “Manage 3D Settings” in the left-hand panel. The Manage 3D Settings options will open in the right panel, starting on the Global Settings tab.


Step 3

The simplest solve is to click the “Restore” button to return all settings to default. Once you have done this, move to Step 5 and then try using Spry again. If it continues to crash, come back and move on to Step 4.


Step 4

Locate the “Antialiasing – Mode” listing in the settings window. By default, this option will read “Application-controlled.” On this setting, your video card will obey whatever anti-aliasing options you set within each program. Click on “Application-controlled” and change the setting to “Off”.


Step 5

Click “Apply,” then close the NVIDIA Control Panel.